How to maintain leather watch strap in the hot summer?

Custom leather watch straps are compared with metal bands, their life is short, reasonable life is about 2-3 years, and it belongs to consumables. Leather watch straps are a great way to add extra style to your watch. It is important, however, to maintain them properly. If you neglect this, your leather strap ends up stained, greasy, and smelly.

So it is very necessary to understand and master the basic properties of leather straps. How to maintain a leather watch strap? how to take care of the leather watch strap? Let’s find out together.

How to maintain a leather watch strap in the hot summer?

  • Keep Dry

Once the leather strap gets damp, it should be wiped dry with absorbent paper in time, placed in a ventilated and dry place or under a desk lamp to dry, and then wiped gently with a soft cloth.

  • Wipe the strap frequently

Every one or two months, the watch strap can be wiped with a small amount of leather protectant, available in supermarkets, which can remove the dirt on the watch strap and remove the cortex of the leather watch strap to protect.

  • Should not be worn all the time

If it is permitted, it is better to replace two or more watches, which can not only prolong the service life of the leather strap but also obtain different visual effects.

  • Wear the strap loosely

A tightly worn strap gets stressed every time your wrist moves. This can cause the strap to degrade faster than it otherwise would. A loosely worn strap does not get damaged this way and has as an added benefit that it also does not restrict the blood flow in the wrist (unlike a tightly worn strap).

  • Keep cosmetics/chemicals away from the strap

Take care when applying sunscreen, perfume, skin creams, or other cosmetics around the leather watch strap. These cosmetics can stain and discolor the leather when they come in contact with the band. Do not let the custom leather watch band close to solvents, mercury, cosmetic sprays, cleaners, adhesives or paints, or camphor chemicals, otherwise, these chemicals will discolor, deteriorate and discolor the watch case and strap.

  • Limit exposure to both sun and heat

Exposure to sunlight will darken leather, whereas exposure to heat can cause the leather to dry out and crack. When the watch band has been exposed to moisture and requires drying, make sure to air-dry it somewhere in the shade. When not wearing it, put it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture on the leather strap.

  • Use the leather conditioner

You can apply a leather conditioner to the watch band to keep it supple and to prevent the cracking of the leather. Over time the leather can lose its natural oils, causing it to dry out. The best time to condition a leather watch band is after cleaning because the leather should be cleaned before conditioning it.

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How do I stop my leather watch strap from cracking?

When leather cracks, it’s the result of microscopic changes in the material: leather is made up of countless tiny interwoven fibers packed tightly together, with denser connected fibers near the surface and looser ones the further in you go.

Eventually, these fibers can dry out resulting in chafing and a worn appearance. During the animal’s lifetime, the skin is kept nourished with continuously replenishing natural oils. Once an animal’s skin undergoes transformation into leather, the water in the skin’s protein is replaced by tanning agents.

Flexibility can be retained by topping up with lubricating oils and waxes, depending on the leather type. Vegetable-tanned leathers, especially the Italian kind, are some of the most well-lubricated leather types around.

If you have dry skin, you’ll know that a lack of water and oils in the upper layers of the skin can cause rough and dry patches. Leather is no different. Equally, if you forget to moisturize your skin over a prolonged period, your skin will start to see further damage.

A loss of moisture can result in the packed fibres continually rubbing against one another as the leather flexes and moves. Sooner or later, these fibres become stiff and tight causing cracks at the tension points.

While the look of leather watch straps can be restored, keep in mind that the damage caused by years of wear may compromise the band’s strength. If the cracks on your watch strap are scratches on the surface, you can give the leather a facelift.

Clean the leather watch straps with leather cleaner and a soft cloth, following product instructions. Apply pressure when rubbing areas that are heavily soiled. Let the watchband dry overnight.

Mix the leather repair compound to match the color of the watchband or the desired shade. Spread it in and over the crack, as smoothly as possible. Follow the repair kit’s directions for matching grain and texture.

Allow the repairs to dry thoroughly. Apply leather dye or shoe polish, if necessary, to blend the repair with the rest of the strap. Follow the product instructions. Apply leather conditioner. Buff the strap to a shiny luster with a soft cloth.

How do keep a watch strap from smelling bad?

Avoid Moisture and sweat

leather is overly sensitive to liquids, Water is the enemy of leather straps. Like all other leather items, the leather strap is very terrible to touch the water. Soaking in water for a long time, soaking in sweat, or often in a humid environment will not only deform and harden the strap. , broken, and even moldy and smelly. Therefore, in hot summer, for those who work outdoors for a long time and those who like outdoor sports and physical exercise, it is best not to wear a leather band, so as to avoid the leather strap being eroded by sweat for a long time. It is also absolutely forbidden to touch water for a long time, such as bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc. If you wet it, dry it lightly with a dry cloth, or dry it before you wear it, so as to avoid smelling or even mildew.

Take the watch off at night

A leather watch band needs to air out and breathe regularly. Therefore, a good way to keep the band from developing a bad smell is to let the watch band rest more often. The best way to let a leather watch strap rest is to take the watch off at night. Overnight, the watch strap should have enough time to breathe and air out. Alternatively, if the leather strap has been exposed to a lot of moisture or sweat, it can be a good idea to let it rest for a day or two. That way, the strap has the opportunity to properly dry before wearing it again. Making a habit of these methods will significantly extend the strap’s lifespan.

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How often should you clean a leather watch strap?

  • To keep your leather watch strap in a good condition, a good rule of thumb is to clean the watch strap every 2 weeks.
  • Leather watch straps that you wear less often do not need as much cleaning, because they are exposed to less sweat and grime and do not get dirty as fast. Watch bands that are worn in hot and/or humid climates on the other hand (pun intended) need cleaning more frequently.
  • Similarly, in the summer period, leather bands will need to be cleaned more often than during the winter period.
  • In general, any time there is a lot of sweat or moisture, the leather should be cleaned more often to prevent sweat stains and smells from showing up.

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Care for alligator leather

  • Alligator leather is particularly sensitive to moisture and heat, which can damage the scale structure of the leather.
  • If the leather comes in contact with moisture, you should dab it carefully with a dry cloth. We recommend to abstain from any cleansing creams or dubbings that may cause stains on your product.


How to clean and maintain Apple Watch Straps made of water-resistant leather

Apple watch straps are the same as mentioned above. Stay away from water, water-resistant does not mean waterproof.  All the leather watch band is water-resistant, BUT NOT waterproof. Avoid moisture on the leather strap will last longer.

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