What is the CITES logo, and what are the provisions related to alligators and common crocodiles?

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international convention jointly concluded by governments of various countries. The aim is to ensure that the survival of wildlife species involved in international trade is not threatened. Most commercial trade only involves wild species that are not endangered, but the establishment of a convention to protect the sustainable development of trade is also very important. Only in this way can we ensure the security of future resources.


Are all leather materials provided by you marked with the CITES logo?

DRwatchstrap promise that every crocodile leather marked with CITES logo will be captured by legal means and comply with the requirements of the state, federal government and international CITES regulations. We never buy, sell or promote any endangered crocodile or alligator species products.

The CITES logo on each crocodile leather can ensure that your product is part of a sustainable development project that can effectively guarantee the interests of humans and wild animals. The use of alligators and ordinary crocodile products can protect the traditions and culture of communities that rely on the reuse of natural resources, and can better ensure the sustainable development of the economy.

By complying with the strict CITES global treaty regulations, we pledge to make our own contribution to the protection of crocodiles and their habitats. For more information about CITES, please visit www.cites.org


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Are all leather materials provided by you marked with the CITES logo?

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