How much the Cartier Santos Watch Price?

Cartier Santos Watch price has decreased 5.4% over the past 180 days

You may be interested in the Cartier Santos Watch Price now. The original Santos de Cartier was created in 1904 for Albert Santos Dumont, a pioneer in the field of aviation, who wanted to be able to tell the time while flying. It is now widely recognized as the world’s first modern-style gentlemen’s wristwatch, completely revolutionizing watch-making.
Today’s Santos de Cartier collection stays faithful to its iconic ancestor in terms of design, while also embracing modern engineering techniques. Although the collection features a number of diverse models, including the Santos 100, Santos Dumont, Santos Galbee, Santos Demoiselle and the Santos large & Medium, they are united by their square shape and uncluttered faces, which embrace simplicity and offer supreme legibility. The collection is both timeless and elegant.

Cartier Santos – A Pioneer in the Air

The Cartier Santos, the world’s first true pilot’s watch, has over 100 years of history to look back on. With a square case, Roman numerals, and precious materials like 18-karat gold, this luxury watch is unmistakable.

Popular Cartier Santos Series

Here are the most popular Cartier Santos watch series, such as Cartier Santos Large & Medium, Cartier Santos 100, Cartier Santos Dumont, Cartier Santos Demoiselle, Cartier Santos Galbée

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3 Reasons to Buy a Cartier Santos

  • The world’s first pilot’s wristwatch
  • Iconic square case
  • Available with skeletonized dials and in-house calibers

Cartier Santos Large & Medium price

While you look at this New Cartier Santos in detail, you’ll spot the changes. The New Cartier Santos with New Design and Quickswitch Strap/Bracelet Features

  • Features: Redesigned case with curved edges, quickswitch strap/bracelet feature.
  • Sizes: Medium (35.1 mm x 41.9 mm) and Large (39.8 mm x 47.5 mm).
  • Price: Starts at EUR 6,000 for medium and EUR 6,600 for large models in steel.

First, The Cartier Santos Large & Medium case has been reshaped, with extra curves. For example, on both side of the bezels, it feels just like the santos now has brancards. that is due to the new bezel, which is not perfectly squared anymore but formed to “contact” the bracelet. this bezel now follows the traces of the case, yet it sticks to the polished bezel with 8 screws. the case itself is likewise less competitive than before, with greater curved traces and the presence of a huge, polished chamfer on the aspect. this offers the watch a more fashion and delux experience. (Cartier Santos watch band review)

Cartier Santos Medium Large Skeleton watch size guide

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Cartier Santos 100 watch price

  • Sizes: 3 different sizes ( Medium, Large, XL Chronograph)
  • Materials: Available in stainless steel, two-tone, and black-coated titanium
  • Price: Ranges from USD 4,100 to USD 16,000 depending on the model and condition

Cartier introduced the Santos 100 series in 2004 in honor of Santos’ 100th anniversary. The Parisian company ceased production of this model in 2018. Unlike the small and delicate original from 1904, the Cartier Santos 100 keeps up with modern trends. the crown guard only heightens its sense of bulk. However, it still maintains some details from the original Santos, including a square stainless steel case with rounded edges, a bezel with exposed screws, and Roman numeral hour markers. Most models get their power from a modified ETA 2892 movement. (Watch Band Guide for Cartier Santos 100)

Cartier Santos 100th anniversary watch size Guide

How to replace Cartier Santos 100 watch band?


The Cartier Santos 100 is available in stainless steel, two-tone stainless steel/yellow gold, and black-coated titanium. This series is also home to a line of chronographs. One such timepiece is the Santos 100 Chronograph ref. W2020004. Its case is made of black-coated titanium and contrasts beautifully with the rose gold bezel, hands, and pushers. The automatic caliber 8630 MC ticks away inside the case. This movement is a modified ETA 7753. Prices for Cartier Santos 100 Watch Price is around 7,200 USD.

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Cartier Santos Dumont watch price

  • Design: Closest to the original 1904 model with a square case and eight exposed screws.
  • Movements: Available in quartz and mechanical calibers.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, gold, and two-tone designs.
  • Price: Quartz models range from USD 3,500 to USD 11,500; mechanical models range from USD 5,500 to USD 12,000.

Those looking for a faithful re-creation of the first Santos from 1904 should turn to the Cartier Santos-Dumont series. These modern timepieces share the original’s square case, prominent bezel with eight exposed screws, and beaded crown with a blue cabochon. Their dials are also classic, though the railroad minute track has shifted from the center of the dial to the outer edge.Precise quartz calibers power the women’s and unisex models.

Cartier Santos Dumont watch size guideCartier Santos Dumont Watch Price

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Cartier Santos Galbee watch pricce

  • Design: Square case with Roman numerals, inspired by Art Deco.
  • Popular Models:
    • Ref. 187901 (Stainless steel with yellow-gold bezel and quartz movement).
    • Ref. 2319 (Classic stainless steel with automatic movement).
  • Price: Ranges from EUR 1,700 to EUR 2,520 for Ref. 187901 and around EUR 2,070 for Ref. 2319.

Watch Band Size guide for Cartier Santos Galbee

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Cartier Santos Demoiselle – Designed for Women

  • Design: Smaller, more delicate cases designed for women.
  • Sizes: 24 x 18.7 mm or 28.25 x 21.65 mm.
  • Price: New models start around USD 4,700, while pre-owned pieces can be found for as little as USD 2,100. Decorative versions can reach up to USD 16,500.

Cartier Santos Demoiselle Watch Price

Today, virtually everyone (from all around the world) recognizes the brand name. It is a company synonymous with luxury. In fact, today, wearing a Cartier watch can help to define you as a person with a luxurious sense of style. With a Cartier on your wrist, it shows the world you not only have exquisite taste but also appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the best mechanical watches in the world.

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