Cartier watch strap buckle instructions – Read before you buy Cartier replacement strap

Cartier watch strap buckle instructions – Total 5 types

Different Cartier watches have different watch strap buckles. Most of the Cartier Tank, and Ballon Bleu have these 5 types.

  • Double-folded deployment buckle
  • Single-folded deployment buckle
  • Tang buckle (also called pin buckle)
  • Interchangeable folding buckle
  • Double-folded deployment buckle for Cartier Santos 100th Anniversary

Decoding Watch Clasp Types: How Different Clasps Can Distinguish Watch Brands

You must know about the Cartier watch strap buckle:

You may NOT know that different type of buckle requires different type of watch bands.

  • The double-folded Cartier deployment buckle, where both straps end slid in and doubled over. No holes in the strap and no spring bar. It has an open “C” visible. Mostly for the Cartier Tank, Ronde, and Ballon Bleu. Calibre
  • The single-folded Cartier deployment buckle has a spring bar on one end, and the other end loops through and goes through a hole in the strap. It’s also a side release instead of the previous pull-up. Mostly for the Cartier Pasha, Ronde de Cartier,
  • Tang buckle has a spring bar on one end and holes on the other side of the strap. So the pin can go through the hole and hold the leather watch band. Mostly for the Cartier Tank.


Cartier Watch strap buckle instruction 4 types

Cartier Santos 100 Butterfly buckle – The 5th Type

The Cartier Santos 100 watch has a butterfly-style deployant clasp. The clasp itself looks cool and is designed to suggest the look of the bezel with its steel and 18k yellow gold construction and two visible screws. In addition, the clasp is as well made as the case, with extra details such as angular bevels. As I tend to do, I will mention that while the adjustment system allows you to carefully choose the length of each side of the strap, allowing for a very precise fit, it is not designed to allow you to adjust the size of the strap very often. As a result, the initial sizing is a bit of a pain, but once you’ve sized the strap, it looks great on the wrist.

Replacement double-folded deployment watch buckle for Cartier Santos 100 clasp

NEW Quickswitch Cartier Santos buckle type

The NEW Cartier Santos has a different buckle than the Cartier Santos 100. There are 2 different types of clasps for it.

Type 1 – The newest Interchangeable folding buckle (after 2020 2021)

Type 2 – Cartier Santos Old style double-folded deployment buckle

The QuickSwitch feature allows for easy interchangeability of the watch bands or straps without the need for tools, making it convenient for the wearer to switch between different styles quickly.

The QuickSwitch feature was introduced by Cartier in 2018, and it is available in certain models of the Santos collection, such as the Santos de Cartier Large Model, Santos de Cartier Medium Model, These watches come with interchangeable straps in different materials and colors, including leather, rubber, and metal.


NEW-2021-Cartier-Santos-Large-40-Medium-35-buckle NEW-2021-Cartier-Santos-Large-40-Medium-35-buckle

Cartier Ballon Bleu buckle type

You may NOT know that the same model may have different types of watch bands and buckles.

For example, the Cartier Ballon Bleu watch may have double-folded, it also might have a pin buckle. It depends on which year you purchased it.

Cartier Ballon Bleu watch buckle type instructions - drwatchstrap

When you purchase a handmade leather watch strap from Drwatchstrap, we may ask you many questions. watch end lug size, buckle end lug size, length and we may also ask for pictures of your watch and watch buckle to make sure the custom leather watch band you purchased from us would fit your watch and wrist.

****Be sure to read before you purchase a Cartier replacement strap for your Cartier Ballon Bleu, Santos, Tank, Rondo watches.

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Cartier Santos 2021 new clasp vs double folded deployment buckle

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