How to Choose a Rolex? – Rolex Watch Guide

How to choose a Rolex watch? Complete Guide to Rolex watches

How many Rolex Models are There? – 16 models

How to choose a Rolex watch model? Rolex has a total of 16 models, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day-Date, Rolex Masterpiece, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Air-King, Rolex Yacht-Master, Rolex Yachtmaster II, Rolex Explorer, Rolex Explorer II, Rolex Sea-Dweller, Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT Master II, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Rolex Sky-Dweller, Rolex Milgauss, Rolex Cellini

Note: The above taxonomy is Rolex’s own. For our purposes, we’ve separated Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II into two separate categories, as they’re very different watches, and did the same for Explorer and Explorer II models. We do not, however, differentiate between Datejust and Lady-Datejust, the way that Rolex does. Further, the Deepsea is a Sea-Dweller variant, and thus we include it within that particular model family.

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How to choose a Rolex watch case

First, Rolex Watch case colors options, including Stainless Steel 2-Tone, and rose gold.

What is 2-Tone?

2-Tone (Also called two-tone) is the combination of gold and steel, and today, Rolex makes two different 2 tone variants. This is yellow gold and steel two tone, and rose gold and steel tone tone. Most commonly for a Rolex two-tone watch is that the case is made in stainless steel.

How to Choose a Rolex watch dial

Rolex Datejust / Day-date dials available in Roman markers, Arabic markers, Diamond markers,  bar / stick markers, super Lume markers and other markers. Those dials are normally for Rolex Oyster Perpetual models.


Rolex Datejust watch dial options

How to Choose a Rolex watch bezel Guide

Rolex Datejust / Day-Date / Oyster Perpetual bezel is available in a fluted bezel, smooth bezel, round bezel, and diamond bezel.  Also available with ceramic bezels for Submariner, Deepsea, and Daytona.

How to Choose a Rolex watch band? Hollow end links vs solid end links

OLD STYLE: Oyster watch band, Jubilee watch band, president watch band, Submariner watch all old models. Why do we call it old style? Because those watch bands have hollow end links, Hollow end links have their charm on a vintage watch, With hollow end links providing a lighter fit on the wrist and solid end links providing a heftier fit.

Rolex Jubilee watch band generation, Old model vs new model vs the newest style

NEW Rolex watch bands Oyster watch band, Jubilee watch band, president watch band, Submariner watchband, and Deepsea watch bracelet.  New style Rolex watch bands with solid end links. solid end links are terrific (top). Sturdy, quiet, tightly aligned, an elegant solution. Certainly more befitting a luxury timepiece.

One reason Rolex went to solid links vs. hollow links on their bracelets is the issue with bracelets stretching. The pin that held each link together would bend over time as the watch moved around and up and down on your wrist. The solid links have the pin drilled into the solid stock so the stretching issue won’t happen.

Both the older hollow end links and the newer solid end links have their strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, you can easily adjust folded end links to make them fit your case better when they start to rattle, by readjusting them. With a solid end link, if it’s too tight, you need to file it down. On the other hand, hollow end links are liable to deform over time. In the best circumstances, there will be a little slop, and you’ll hear some rattle. But in the worst case, your bracelet could fall out. Solid end links provide top quality performance, they fit more snugly, and they don’t rattle. They can also last as long as the rest of your watch, without getting slowly bent out of place.

Rolex Submariner model Guide – Old vs new models

The new ceramic bezels with the raised pips are a bad decision imo. The older ones were more recessed. Green Submariners are one of the most popular Rolex watches. Nicknamed by Rolex fans, the Kermit and Hulk models are both a feast for the eyes and lucrative investments. Between 2020 and 2022, the value of these watches even doubled in some cases.


Guide to Rolex Watches collection - Submariner clasp buckle Datejust Daytona dial bezel difference

Rolex GMT-Master II model Guide – History of the Rolex GMT-Master

In 1989 Rolex updated the GMT-Master II line with the reference 16710. with Oyster bracelet

The third generation of the GMT-Master was unveiled in 2005. The 18ct gold GMT-Master II reference 116718 was a considerable departure from its predecessors with a remodeled case profile, with much heavier lugs and crown guards. The aluminium bezel inserts of the past 50 years were gone and in its place was a new all black ceramic insert. A new green 24-hour hand on the black dial version complimented the “GMT MASTER II” text that was also green. with Oyster bracelet

At Baselworld 2012 Rolex unveiled the steel 116710 BLNR with red and blue Cerachrom insert,  the brand found a way to create a two-color bezel. Rolex were proud of the achievement of mixing the colours, which was a significant technological feat that no other brand had managed to do. the Jubilee bracelet again became an option alongside the Oyster bracelet.

The GMT-Master II has been around for 35 years now (Rolex no longer makes the GMT-Master I) and it is by far the most famous GMT watch in the world

Guide to Rolex Watches collection guide - Submariner clasp buckle Datejust Daytona dial bezel

Rolex GMT Master II watch bands guide

Rolex Daytona watch guide

With its latest creations, Rolex shines the light of optimism and innovation on the watchmaking world.
In its perpetual quest for excellence, the brand constantly enhances the aesthetics and technologies of its emblematic timepieces. They are an invitation to push boundaries, to reach ever higher. With, as always, the same promise of outstanding quality thanks to the company’s complete, in-house mastery of watchmaking expertise.

Rolex Watch Price – Rolex Collections

Rolex clasp types

Rolex clasp types - Guide to Rolex buckle types - be sure to read before you buy replacement leather strap

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